About Telos Aerial

In August of 2016, during the roll-out of the FAA Part 107 certification program for commercial remote pilots, Beau, our founder, was among the first wave of drone enthusiasts to arrive at one of the nation’s many pilot testing facilities. Having had the foresight of the endless opportunities the burgeoning drone industry was, and still is, beginning to offer, Beau promptly began developing Telos Aerial LLC. Soon after its formation, he partnered with Wade Williamson, founder and CEO of Axium Inspections LLC, one of the nation’s largest home inspection companies, to begin performing aerial roof inspections. Quicker and safer than putting boots on the roof, aerial roof inspections began to skyrocket, and the rest is history. With Beau at the helm, Telos Aerial has branched into a variety of other industries including energy, agriculture, and mining to provide safe, cost-effecting aerial imaging and data collection services.