Standard Drone Battery Charging

As many of us commercial drone operators know, most factory drone battery chargers charge batteries sequentially. One after another. It prioritizes the battery with the greatest amount of charge. This is great and all, but it still only charges one batter at a time. Wouldn’t it be better if we could charge batteries simultaneously?

The good news is now we can.


Simultaneous Drone Battery Charging

Simultaneous battery charging units are beginning to hit the market. It makes sense. The demand for job site efficiency is growing rapidly in the commercial drone sector. We’re currently using (and loving) the Colorado Drone Charger brand Portable Rapid Charging System (PRCS) for both the DJI Mavic II Pro and the DJI Matrice 210.

Before using the PRCS, we emptied our pockets for as many as 4 sets of batteries in order to fly more or less continuously. Lithium Polymer batteries are spendy, after all, which are industry standard for drone power sources. While operating, we’d use up one battery set, then throw it on the standard sequential charger. By the time we’d cycle through all our batteries, we’d return to the original (hoping it was fully charged). Not always the case. Most DJI batteries take over an hour to charge, and on those hot, humid days, flight times can be as short as 10 to 12 minutes!

Now with the capacity for simultaneous battery charging, we’re vastly increasing our time in the air and thus our onsite efficiency. The Colorado Drone Charger PRCS for both the DJI Matrice and Mavic II charges 4 batteries in just 30 minutes—a huge time-saver. With just 4 batteries/sets, we can now fly continuously, breaking only to replace spent batteries. And it super simple, just plug it in to a generator or inverter and you’re good to go. Below are some of the PRCS specs.


The PRCS Features
  • Proprietary charging algorithms
  • Built-in power supply
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Multi-fan cooling system
  • Current, voltage, and temperature management
  • Water-tight, dust proof, and impact resistant hard case with adjustable pressure release valve

If you’re ready for huge increase in onsite operational efficiency, then we highly recommend getting a Colorado Drone Charger!

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