Thermal Imaging

Inspect pipelines, flare stacks, storage tanks, and more with our advanced thermal imaging solutions

Our drone’s thermal imaging sensors capture a range of temperatures and report them in different colors ranging from white, yellow, and orange (warmer) to blue, purple, and black (cooler).

For example, when pointed at these fluid storage tanks, we can quickly and easily identify fluid levels. The purple and black colors being reflected from the two rightmost tanks represent the temperature (and level) of the fluid. Notice the two leftmost tanks are empty.

Use Drone Thermal Imaging to Inspect

Pipeline Integrity

Sand Level Tank Inspections

Flare Stack Inspection

Production Equipment

Holding Tanks

Environmental Compliance

Key Benefits of Drone Thermal Imaging

Perform inspections safer, faster, and more economically.

Significant reductions in downtime by reducing the need to shut down equipment for inspection access.

Reduce need for cumbersome and costly equipment such as personnel lifts, scaffolding, manned aircraft, etc.

High-resolution aerial imagery greatly improves inspection accuracy and reliability.

Lower insurance and regulatory compliance costs.

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